AcidKeyLime’s Mini Procreate Brush Pack

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A small batch of procreate brushes with no exact theming to them. Just a bunch of brushes I’ve made for myself that I’d like to share with others.

There are five brushes total:

Copic Marker: Made with a copic texture I created from scanned copic marker on paper, made to work similarity to a brush I created for CSP. It is best used in layers and laid down in large areas to not lose the texture too much. Soft or hard edge based on pressure.

Colored Pencil: Like a very soft colored pencil, you can build up the color by layering. Works well for sketching or for soft lineart.

Canvas Tex/Lineart: My go to brushes! Unlike my CSP brush version, this is split into two different brushes to handle the limitations of the brush dynamics on Procreate. May work differently for you based on your own personal pen pressure settings.

Scratch Time: I don’t know why I named it that, cuz a friend has a similar bubble brush with scratch in the name and it’s just confusing. Made to look similar to my go to lineart brush settings from old Sai Paint.

Pay what you want means get it free or kick me a few bucks as a thank you! Not all the brush packs I make will be pay what you want, but I wanted the first one to be.

  • 5 Procreate .Brush Files

  • 5 Procreate .Brush Files


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AcidKeyLime’s Mini Procreate Brush Pack

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